Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

It’s important to deep clean your carpets regularly since they take abuse from people spilling food, drinks, shoes, and pets. Spot cleaning, and a deep cleaning your carpet can extend it’s life. 

Do not allow dirt and dust particles to remain on the carpet, this will cause the carpet to look dull, retain smelly odors, and eventually will wear out the carpet fibers and backing. Deep cleaning your carpet restores the carpet, brightens colors, and protects it from further damage.

How To Deep Clean Your Carpet

For you Do-it-yourselfers, have small children or pets that dirty your carpets? There are some cleaners you can use to try to remove the dirt yourself but first vacuum the carpet as soon as possible to remove any loose soil, dust, dirt and debris. Don’t skip this step, or you will be pushing soil deeper into the carpet fibers. Learning how to deep clean your carpet will definetly prolong it’s life.

Make a Carpet Cleaning Solution

Mix one part of distilled white vinegar and three parts of cold water, add carpet cleaning solution to a large spray bottle. 

A Quick Warning! Always test the carpet cleaning solution before removing any carpet stains. Look for carpet in a hidden place to see if your carpet loses any color, do not use it.

Pretreat Carpet with Cleaning Solution

Before deep cleaning your carpet spray the carpet with your pre-made carpet cleaning solution until saturated. Let it set 3 to 5 minutes long. This will break down the soil in the carpets fibers. 

Use a microfiber towel to clean the carpet’s, dirt and grime using a clean bucket of water to rinse the dirty towel. Start cleaning the dirty carpet by blothing the spots. Rinse the towel until it becomes clean and repet the process over again until the carpet is clean. 

Do you have any tar, oil, or any other stains that do not come out. We can help using state of the art carpet cleaning equipment.

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