Most people in California have carpets in their homes, so we put together some carpet cleaning tips to remove stains to help you spot clean your carpet. Vacuum at least two times a week to preserve your carpets. You don’t want the dirt to get trapped in the carpet fibers. We recommend you clean any dirt or grime that gets on your carpet right away to prevent your fibers from getting stained and damaged.

Carpet Cleaning Tips To Remove Stains
How To Remove Old Stains


To get these old pesky stains out of the carpet, you can make a homemade carpet spot cleaning solution using one cup of water, a cup of vinegar, and two drops of lavish dish soap, but before applying this spot cleaning solution, you need to have some baking soda on hand to put on top of the carpet fibers. This will cause the carpet stain to fizz after you add the pre-made spot solution. You can leave this solution on for a couple hours. The result will be stainless. If you do have a stain that does not come out, we are just a phone call away.(714)775-8251

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