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We provide professional carpet restoration services, so you don't have to replace your damaged carpets.


Countywide Carpet and Restoration in Orange County, California, provides the best carpet cleaning, carpet repair, and restoration services in the county.

We have been in business for 30+ years in the carpet cleaning and water damage restoration field, employing only the best-skilled service technicians in the industry.

Our carpet technicians can restore your carpets, tiles, and floors to look pristine.

Furthermore, we believe in keeping clarity and honest communication throughout services offered and that you are 100% satisfied before the technician leaves for the next job.

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Trusted Carpet Repair Service

Countywide Carpet & Restoration has been trusted by many home and business owners throughout the years. Most of our customers that have used our services are return customers. Just read our reviews online!

Our carpet and restoration technicians specialize in carpet repair, carpet cleaning, restoration, water damage, tile and grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on-site.

Countywide Carpet & Restoration always continues to expand its technology in carpet cleaning, carpet repair, restoration and cleaning services for mold, allergies, draperies, blinds, furniture, area rugs, air ducts, tile, grout, and vinyl floors. 

If you need a 24-hour emergency service for any of our services or flood/water damage, we can be there to help solve any of your problems instantly.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Countywide Carpet & Restoration will provide you with top-notch carpet cleaning services.

Want to know why our carpet cleaning services are better than the other carpet cleaning companies out there?

Our high-powered truck mount cleaning systems, products, and techniques used will provide your carpets with a deeper cleaning. Most of these carpet cleaning companies will focus only on the top layers of the carpet’s surface, do a fast cleaning that will not remove these stubborn stains and dirt within the carpet fibers. But that’s not what you get with Countywide Restoration Technicians. You get top carpet restoration results with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee before we leave your home or business.

Water Damage Service

Water damage can come as any surprise. Countywide Carpet & Restoration can restore your carpets or floors to normal. When it comes to water damage, the first few hours are critical. Waiting can increase the risk of damage to your carpet, any structure, as well as produce rapid growth of mold and bacteria within the home or business. If the water is flowing from inside, please find the source and shut-off the water valve immediately. Then call Countywide Carpet and Restoration as soon as possible.

Carpet Repair

Do you have carpet tears, discoloration, burn marks, loose carpet, or other carpet issues. Name it; we fixed it.

Our highly skilled carpet repair technicians at Countywide Carpet & Restoration will do a professional job restoring your carpet to look new.

Wear and tear with your carpet is a natural process in any home or business. The carpet fibers are more susceptible to more damage by people and become looser over time.

Many home and business owners have become very happy with the fact that, we can repair many carpet issues that seem impossible to fix.

Tile Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is much more than just cleaning with a sponge, a few rags, and some home-cleaning products. Over the years, dirt, grime, and other contaminants can get saturated inside the pores of the grout lines and inside the tile surfaces making the tile look dull and discolored. The areas inside the tile that holds any water can also develop a mildew residue.

We use Advanced Special Heat Cleaning Technology, a specialized cleaning solution, a high-powered vacuum with a high-powered pressure rinse to remove dirt and grime. This technology puts us over the edge of other companies. We go deep inside the tile to remove stubborn dirt stains – even in hard-to-reach areas. After this, we apply a penetrating sealer that protects the tile and grout against all staining and mildew.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery can trap dirt, food, hair, and grease on the surface and deep inside the fabric. Mistakes can happen; people and kids spill things, drop food, pet’s like to jump and sleep on the furniture. If these things are not cleaned up instantly, everything that remains there can cause indefinite permanent damage. We use special chemicals and special upholstery cleaning solutions to remove these types of stains and restore your Upholstery.

Mold Remediation

Countywide Mold Remediation Techs will take you through a visual process on how we can identify, contain mold, and remove this harmful substance from your home or business.

When faced with this type of mold growth, you will want an experienced mold service technician.

Our Technicians will remove this harmful substance for you. After we remove this mold decontamination, we will restore your home or business to its pre-loss conditions. Then we will put back all your flooring, repair any damage, and put back all of your furniture.

We want to protect the health of you and the health of others.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

The Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization has led us to the importance of having a very clean, disinfected, sanitizing environment to help control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The CDC recommends “the cleaning of and disinfection of homes, businesses, and faculties.”

We take the proper steps of the CBC and WHO by using the correct  deep cleaning solutions to combat the coronavirus. We want to assist you by helping you understand the importance of getting a deep cleaning to combat this coronavirus. Your health and safety are our top priority for you and your family.

Pet Stain Removal

Pet stains and odors can easily become trapped between the surface of the carpet fibers and the floor, this will indeed penetrate the carpet’s padding, and sub-floors making the problem too difficult for over-the-counter cleaning and deodorizing products to work. Your standard regular carpet cleaning solutions will not work on these pet urine stains. Our Carpet Cleaning Services, technology, and deodorizing products will, and will also help restore your carpet to its natural state!

Allergy Relief Treatment

Pollen, dander, and dust particles can cause allergies in a lot of people. We get rid of these particles by cleaning your carpet and furniture; using an Allergy Relief Treatment! This allergy cleaning treatment removes the allergens and disables them, so your body will be unable to recognize them. Allergies can be avoided with this type of cleaning treatment!

Fabric Protection Treatment

A regular carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning with our fabric protection will guard your carpet and upholstery against future damages, against spills, spots’ and prolonging its life.

We specialize in cleaning all types of furniture, from upholstery, to special fabrics, microfibers, and even leather.

Hiring Countywide Carpet and Restoration can help solve many of these problems before they happen on-site. 

Drapery Cleaning

Drapery cleaning is our specialty; we have re-invented the drapery cleaning process with state-of-the-art techniques! Our exclusive drapery cleaning service will remove all dust, pollen, smoke, odors, and hard to get out stains.

We guarantee your draperies will become professionally cleaned with pleats, hems, and you will have no drapery shrinkage at all.

Blinds; have you ever tried to get these cleaned to look like they are new again? Countywide Carpet & Restoration technicians do not only care about drapery but also blinds. We can make them look new too.

How Our Service Technicians Protect You From CoronaVirus

Countywide Carpet Restoration Technicians follow all CDC guidelines on using any sanitizers, hand washing. We follow all the recommended hygiene practices.

We frequently clean and disinfect all our equipment with an EPA-approved disinfectant.

Regarding social distancing, our restoration specialists maintain a 6 feet distance from our customers. The CDC recommends that people do not wear a mask, if they do not show any cold symptoms. You should not be in the same room while we disinfect, sanitize, and provide deep cleaning services.

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